Friday, March 1, 2013

i dream in...

i dream in percussions. i dream in rosy-gold haze. i dream of the dusk. and the dawn. i dream of the freedom of open spaces. with the wind singing to me. embracing me. warm drafts bearing me up ever higher. i dream of the secrets of forests. and the mysteries of woodlands. of the stories told by rivers and springs. i dream of the laws of the moon. and the teachings of the stars. i dream of feasts with heroes. and orgies with gods. i dream in warm reds and bright golds. and fertile, lush greens. i dream in percussions. and strings. and winds. i dream of colorful vibrations. i dream of flight. and impossible heights. i dream of the magic of words. i dream. quovaqoqoramalenuvamelathataneshissimonerrazizzianameloiane

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